Untitled photo

When I retired I bought a camera.

It was not my first camera, but it represented a commitment to the medium of photography above other art media. In the past I gravitated toward sculpture but I do not have room for those materials and created artwork. Now I find ways to express myself creatively in photographs. Currently, I am working from two different palettes each with their own restrictions. These restrictions free me to make more precise statements artistically.

An eight-inch black and white photograph of a white chair. Simple. I do not have to worry about subject matter, color, or how to reproduce the image. Within these restrictions of The Chair Project I am free to make photographs whose principal interest is visual, formal and abstract, free to express conceptual questions and statements, and free to create artwork as narrative texts.

In the colorful palette of the Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) images, the camera becomes a brush discovering images of gesture, energetic movement and joyful color. I like to think the camera’s movement is related to the gestures of Abstract Expressionist work in the 20th century. 

A small conceit.

In any media, playing is the artistic practice, and choice is the determinate action. Different media are merely different playgrounds. For now, I choose photography